We are here to offer hope


We are created to be in relationships.  Whether that means between family members, friends, co-workers, future spouse, or groups.  Communication is a skill which can be developed and is a key component to having healthy connections. Learning how to express one’s thoughts and feelings is a process.  People have perceptions. These are neither right or wrong — just a way each of us interpret a situation.

You may be in a crisis at this time, experiencing some difficulties in understanding, or wanting to be pro-active to maintain a stable, healthy relationship with someone you love.  Whatever your particular situation, seeking counseling may enhance and improve the depth of your relationships.

Over the past 25 years, we have come alongside many individuals facing relational challenges.  Aligning with our core belief system, we are committed to providing a compassionate, in-touch and personal approach in our counseling methods.

Our approach is very practical and straightforward.  By using ‘hands on’ and interactive methods, we engage our client in the counseling process. ‘Homework’ assignments are given after each session to enhance healing and learning.

If your concerns have lead you to our website, you may need some additional support.  Below is a list of some of the possible benefits in pursuing counseling.

  • Reconnect emotionally
  • Affirm and renew your commitment to one another
  • Understand one another and each others’ strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Understand the correlation between your early lives and your experience in current relationships
  • Understand and express your needs with authenticity and in a non-reactive way
  • Understand what most strengthens your feelings of closeness
  • Understand the origins of feelings of mistrust or reactivity
  • Develop strategies and skills for managing and resolving habitual tensions or conflicts
  • Learn emotional regulation when arguing or disagreeing and effective communication when stressed
  • Develop or adopt a new pattern that will support and nurture your life in the relationship
  • Develop your capacity for self-reflection, intimacy and trust
  • Cope with or address:
    • infidelity, divorce, remarriage
    • financial or employment stresses
    • loss, grief
    • intra-family conflicts, cultural tensions
    • a personal history of trauma, depression, anxiety
    • disability, illness, care-giving or aging
    • or any other source of stress or adjustment in your lives

We are only a button click or a phone call away… Cornerstone Counseling Inc. offers Video calls, Skype or WhatsApp (whatever works for you) and flexible hours. Remember there is always HOPE!