We are here to offer hope


What do you believe? Why do you believe what you believe? Where are you in your journey of faith? Do you desire to grow deeper in your relationship with God and yet feel blocked?

Cornerstone Counseling Inc. has assisted many people over the past 25 years who want to explore faith; who long for a deeper walk with God but do not know how to begin; or who need encouragement and support when the storms of life shake our beliefs.

As we all know, life is difficult at times.  How we react to our circumstances will determine whether or not we grow spiritually. By embracing pain and facing our trials directly we overcome temptations to live in denial or turn to unhealthy, self-destructive choices. We are then free to become fully alive, overcome spiritual stagnation and deepen our understanding of God and His character. We can even experience joy in the process.

Our approach is very flexible. Three options are available:

  1. Same time frame as a counseling session (50 minutes)
  2. A longer extended time, allowing for a deeper discussion and in depth exploration (cost is pro-rated according to time)
  3. Personal retreat (More details available upon request)

We are only a phone call away … Cornerstone Counseling Inc. offers Video calls, Skype or WhatsApp (whatever works for you) and flexible hours. Remember there is always HOPE!