Rollerblading is a fun past time of mine and with the leveled bike paths in Las Cruces when I rollerblade they make me look better than I actually am. While on an excursion by the river some time ago I was rollerblading and a rather daft biker passed me going the opposite direction. I knew he would soon pass me from behind because the trail ends and everyone naturally turns around. The further I went in my direction the more I anticipated his passing…and the more I became self-conscious. I’m not sure “why” I became self-conscious but it prompted me to turn my head around while the rest of my body continued moving forward. That can be a dangerous move on rollerblades. I didn’t see the biker anywhere but I almost saw the pavement from eye level. I lost balance, veered off the path onto the dirt and narrowly escaped a fall as I maneuvered back onto the path.

Whew! What was I thinking? At that time in my life, I had been mourning events of the past and couldn’t seem to move on. Instantly, I felt impressed that the Lord was speaking to my heart. “Do you see what happens when you continue to look in the past? You are heading for disaster”. Wow. What a strong object lesson. Where is your focus today? Behind? Life pre-COVID?

In Phil 3: 14, 15 Paul notes that the ONE thing he does is to forget those things that are behind and reach toward those things which are ahead; pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Looking back causes us to stumble. Today no longer looks like yesterday. COVID has changed life as we knew it. We must mourn our losses yet not live in the past. God is a God of the present and future. He invites us to move forward, watching and waiting with expectation as He reveals new possibilities; renewed hope; better plans. Keep looking ahead!